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a calm before the storm

14 Mar

For a lot of us the “lunch hour” can be a fickle beast, with a third of people in the UK claiming to regularly skip a break due to work commitments (according to this research study).

Having unfortunately been one of those people for the last few days due to having to deal with a fair few deadlines, I decided to take my lunch hour and try something a little different.

With the aim to clear my head of all the hectic goings on, I went to Innerspace to try out one of their free Wednesday lunchtime meditation sessions.

Having  never tried meditation before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect (my only goal was not to fall asleep). Held in a cosy room in the shop, the session lasts for half an hour. Under dimmed lighting the “instructor” talks the group through a meditation cycle (thankfully sans whale muzak), focusing mainly on your breathing and relaxation techniques.

Taking that very quick break from the day’s constant stream of thoughts was a real benefit, and I have to admit I was really surprised by how relaxed I felt.

So relaxed in fact that in my zen state I even managed to walk back to the office through the hoardes of teenage European tourists standing in inexplicably inconvenient places without tutting once.