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so long suckers

1 Jun

A four day bank holiday weekend and the impending jubilee madness means everyone we know is skipping town. Including us. Ollie is CYCLING TO SPAIN (not a typo) and George and I are going to the Greek Islands (Do we buy Euros or Drachmas? Semi serious question!).

So, sadly for our three millions of readers, there won’t be any posts for a couple of weeks.

So let us leave you with this lovely full sized cardboard cut out of Her Majesty The Queen that our (until now, seemingly normal) neighbors have erected in their front yard.


God bless.

a diamond jubilee

21 May

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is coming up and London is looking pretty darn excited (i’m sure this has nothing to do with the double bank holiday we citizens have been bestowed – thank you Your Majesty!).

Harrods Windows

Harvey Nicks – Fifth Floor Food Hall

Regent Street

A Jubilee Lunch Box from Harvey Nicks

This lunch box is just one example of the many items of ‘Jubilee Tat’ for sale in London at the moment. We will post an edited selection of the highlights soon. But in the meantime, remember this?

the robert glasper experiment

15 May

There are a lot of birthdays for us this week and to celebrate, Ollie surprised the May Babies by taking a few of us to the Barbican to see the Robert Glasper Experiment.

And they were absolutely, ridiculously brilliant.

Their album debuted at number one on the jazz charts and number three on the hip hop r&b charts (just below Rihanna – even they queried whether it was ‘the greatest typo ever’).

Given they sold out the Barbican, they will be playing another last minute show tonight (venue TBC so check Robert’s twitter) and Lalah Hathaway will be playing at the Jazz Cafe on Thursday and Friday this week.

Update: the secret show will be at Village Underground tonight. Tickets at the door from about 8.30. See you there!

how did we not know about maida vale?

13 May

Louise is one of the His and Hers’ favourite friends. If we are meeting up and devising a plan of action, my suggestion is usually along the lines of ‘let’s just go and drop some coin in Selfridges’, whereas she will have sniffed out some beautiful corner of London that I’ve never even thought of visiting. Which is how we spent an afternoon of last weekend’s rainy bank holiday wandering around the streets of Maida Vale.

And what a beautiful neighborhood it is.

Formosa Street.

Punch and Judy? Standard.

 I always thought I was pretty loyal to Notting Hill, but I think now that I could be very easily persuaded to venture north of Regent’s canal…

secret streets – golborne road W10

1 May

Portobello Road Market on a Saturday is full of Italian tourists spending that overly inflated Euro or die hard Hugh Grant fans on the lookout for their foppish prince (if you fall into this category, he does not actually live in Notting Hill – we have only ever seen him once, at the Electric Cinema chuckling at Keira Knightley’s acting in A Dangerous Method. True story.)

And if I had a pound for every time someone has asked me for directions to the blue door or the travel bookshop, it would be me on that Sunday Times Rich List, not Roman Abramovich.

Basically, for locals, Portobello Road is an absolute no go zone on Saturdays, which is why we often head north to Golborne Road when we don’t want to stray too far from home.

Golborne Road has traditionally been a somewhat down-at-heel Middle Eastern strip, but is slowly being gentrified. Halal butchers and clothing boutiques now sit side by side. Many cite the arrival of Pizza East as the first nail in its coffin, and local traders believe it won’t be too long before Golborne Road becomes just an extension of Portobello. For now at least, it is still a fun place to spend a Saturday (and you will more than likely see a member of the Tory cabinet!).

We usually start with an espresso and a super cheap pastry at Cafe O’Porto…

his and hers

Check out the ‘too expensive but oh man I really want one’ handbags at Ally Capellino*…

And wander through ‘antique’ shops selling the most bizarre wares imaginable…

So don’t change too much Golborne Road… we like you just the way you are. Oh, that’s Bridget Jones, not Notting Hill. Same thing.

* Ally Capellino is technically one of the ’boutiques’ mentioned above, but anywhere selling handbags gets a free pass from me.

a wednesday riddle

25 Apr

So. What happens if you cycle past this particular purveyor of fine goods twice a day, five days a week?

I think you might just accidentally find yourself purchasing this little number…

I think I need to change my cycling route. Maybe.

Miu Miu: 150 New Bond Street. London W1S 2TU

rum diaries – the 223 club and aloosh

15 Apr

We’d like to apologise for the lack of posts over the weekend, but in a desperate move to absolve any personal responsibility, it really wasn’t our fault.

Please lay all blame on the unfeasible amount of fun we had on Friday night at the new 223 club in Waterloo (and possibly the strongest rum punch anywhere outside of the Caribbean).

We were there to see Aloosh – a band you should really check out (have a listen to “Time” below).

I’m not going to try and describe their sound, as it’s pretty hard to pigeon hole them into one specific category (without sounding like a bit of a prat). But as each member of the band are all accomplished musicians in their own right, their sound is a really refreshing mix individual influences (and as an inconsequential side note to the music, lead singer Jodie has possibly the best hair ever).

With the super cool Dave Okumu (guitarist of The Invisible and producer of Jessie Ware – reviewed here), following the band and playing a really fun set of tunes that got the whole crowd dancing in the archway space, it was more akin to a great house party than a club..

And with everyone being ridiculously friendly (possibly due to rum punch good vibes), it all added up to make the opening of the 223 a pretty special night in our opinion..

All photos: Courtesy of the 223 club

Check out the club site for upcoming listings… we know we will be… we may just go easier on the rum punch next time..

Aloosh music http://www.myspace.com/alooshmusic

223 club – 137-39 Lower Marsh Street, Waterloo