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rum diaries – the 223 club and aloosh

15 Apr

We’d like to apologise for the lack of posts over the weekend, but in a desperate move to absolve any personal responsibility, it really wasn’t our fault.

Please lay all blame on the unfeasible amount of fun we had on Friday night at the new 223 club in Waterloo (and possibly the strongest rum punch anywhere outside of the Caribbean).

We were there to see Aloosh – a band you should really check out (have a listen to “Time” below).

I’m not going to try and describe their sound, as it’s pretty hard to pigeon hole them into one specific category (without sounding like a bit of a prat). But as each member of the band are all accomplished musicians in their own right, their sound is a really refreshing mix individual influences (and as an inconsequential side note to the music, lead singer Jodie has possibly the best hair ever).

With the super cool Dave Okumu (guitarist of The Invisible and producer of Jessie Ware – reviewed here), following the band and playing a really fun set of tunes that got the whole crowd dancing in the archway space, it was more akin to a great house party than a club..

And with everyone being ridiculously friendly (possibly due to rum punch good vibes), it all added up to make the opening of the 223 a pretty special night in our opinion..

All photos: Courtesy of the 223 club

Check out the club site for upcoming listings… we know we will be… we may just go easier on the rum punch next time..

Aloosh music http://www.myspace.com/alooshmusic

223 club – 137-39 Lower Marsh Street, Waterloo

no doubt about it..

12 Apr

..that these are two completely different versions of “No room for doubt” by Lianne La Havas.. you’ve probably heard of her as she’s been tipped for success for some time now, but it seems as though everyday lately there’s a new remix or version of this gorgeous song.

This first video of Lianne wandering through Paris makes us want to hop on the Eurostar this very minute (and also ask Lianne for her hand in marriage).

Lianne La Havas | No Room For Doubt | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Whereas this remixed version by Witches breaks and loops the track into something completely different…but equally as good. Have a listen!

new places, new faces

23 Mar

Ever since the heart melting “valentine” was released last year, Jessie Ware has firmly been on the HisandHers radar. So we when we saw Jessie was performing a solo show in a “new” venue (to us at least) – The Nave, we booked our tickets extremely early.

Converting a church into a music venue is an exciting prospect, and on entry we certainly weren’t disappointed. With the majority of the original features retained and highlighted by the lighting, it was instantly on our new favourite venues list.

As for the gig itself, Jessie certainly didn’t disappoint, she has a really powerful, soulful voice. Throughout the set I couldn’t help but think of Sade, and what she might sound like if she had released her debut album in 2012. This, in my humble opinion is no bad thing (Sade was the highest earning British female in the US last year).

With a lot of friends and family in the crowd it the whole event had a really positive atmosphere (helped along by the free drinks that Red Bull kindly laid on). We can’t recommend Jessie (as a performer) and The Nave (as a gig venue) enough.. make sure that you keep tabs on both performances by, and at… Very talented, and a lot of fun.

Have a listen to “Running” below.. definitely worth taking a moment out and standing still for.