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give three piece a chance pt.2

27 Apr

Now if you subscribe to the Bertie Wooster school of sartorial styling (technically, I think you can probably only aspire to the Wooster school of style, as actually reaching those dizzy heights is beyond even the most sophisticated gents capabilities), you’ll probably be aware that along with a pair of brogues on your feet and a stiff G&T in hand, the must have accompaniment for any gentleman’s suit is a close clean shave and a quality haircut.

Amongst my more follically challenged friends, I have what they might describe as a very positive problem – lots of very thick, gravitationally opposed hair (sods law says that this post will kick start the onset of my male pattern baldness).

So a good barber that can help with the only element on my head I can easily change for the better is an imperative, which makes Gentlemen’s Tonic hidden away on Saville Row such a find.

I think because it’s nestled within Gieves & Hawkes at No.1 Saville Row, people don’t necessarily know it’s there. So for me who leaves booking appointments to the very last minute it’s one of those rare as hen’s teeth barbers, one where you can call up in the morning and get an appointment for 1pm that lunchtime.

If it wasn’t blatantly obvious from the name of the establishment, Gentlemen’s Tonic caters male grooming needs, and a wide variety at that. From barbershop classics such as traditional wet shaves, complimentary shoe shines to sports massages in a dedicated therapy room, pretty much the only thing they don’t have on site is a quartet.

Apart from cutting hair very well (ask for Mark) it pulls off the male grooming experience with aplomb. Neither too metro-sexual or too “laddie”, its traditional chairs, tiling, pots of barbicide and cut throat razors give the interior a really sharp edge (bad pun I know).

On my last visit I was quizzing Mark about wet shaves and how to shave properly. Given the average man will spend 5 months of his life shaving, I’ve never been taught the proper approach, and after reading Mark’s top tips (given to everyone who has a wet shave) I’ve realised that even if I have umpteen blades on my Gillette razor, I won’t get a closer shave without a few basic skills.

If you’re a lady reading this (firstly thanks for showing interest in this very male focused post), I’d 100% recommend buying a male companion the experience of a traditional barbers wet shave for a present.

I imagine it’s equivalent of us buying you ladies a massage/facial.. it’s pampering, but with an unequivocally masculine edge (there’s really dangerous blades involved.. grrr.). Also for us men it has an added bonus – a perfect excuse not to shave for three days beforehand…

no doubt about it..

12 Apr

..that these are two completely different versions of “No room for doubt” by Lianne La Havas.. you’ve probably heard of her as she’s been tipped for success for some time now, but it seems as though everyday lately there’s a new remix or version of this gorgeous song.

This first video of Lianne wandering through Paris makes us want to hop on the Eurostar this very minute (and also ask Lianne for her hand in marriage).

Lianne La Havas | No Room For Doubt | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Whereas this remixed version by Witches breaks and loops the track into something completely different…but equally as good. Have a listen!

a sneaky treat – we visit the aveda spa at liberty london

3 Apr

One of my savvier friends phoned me recently with the news that not only is there a new Aveda Spa at Liberty, but that the cost of the treatment is fully redeemable on products (this post is unapologetically one for the ladies – sorry boys).

Having some ‘errands’ to run at Liberty anyway, we decided to make an afternoon of it. Liberty isn’t consistently voted London’s best shop for nothing.

We both went for a ‘skin resurface’, which essentially pulls out the top  layer of gunk impurities. As we walked out, we were both glowing with ‘wellness’ and the next morning my friend texted me: I’m on the train looking at everyone’s skin thinking ‘wow you could all benefit from a skin resurfacing facial’.

It’s very true – we all could.

And I got to take home a few little treats. Win win.

let’s make like k middy and head to richard ward

31 Mar

Kate “The Duchess of Cambridge” Middleton is quite a polarising figure but the one thing people will cross party lines over is that she has undeniably good hair. And you would have to be pretty out of the loop (or at least not checking into

the Daily Mail’s Sidebar of Shame over your morning coffee), not to know that the Middleton tresses are due to the wizards at Richard Ward.

Keen to have a piece of the Princess Pie, I cycled down to the Kings Road to spend the morning at Richard Ward, where I basically asked them to cut my hair like Kate’s.

I was shown into a ‘waiting bar’ (no, this definitely isn’t CoolCuts) where I treated myself to a latte, and read about Kate Middleton’s  exciting week.

By the way, this ‘latte’ set me back six pounds. Do NOT order a coffee if you come here.

I was then collected by my hair stylist, a man who essentially looked like an Italian count who’d just stepped off a yacht (cravate, deep tan, chinos…you get the drift). I told him how I wanted my hair done. And for the first time in a lifetime of trips to the salon, he did exactly that. My hair looks amazing. I’ve fallen completely in love with my reflection (well, the hairstyle part).

Keen to show off my new lid, I had a quick mosey around the nearby Partridges Farmers’ Market. This is on every Saturday and is jam packed with treats from all over England.

I don’t get down to the Kings Road very often but I always love it when I’m here. Every man is wearing coloured trousers, the kids are dressed in matching Bonpoint (it’s rare to see a boy under 12 who is not wearing a blazer) and the overheard conversations are hysterical. If you’re unfamiliar with the local species – the Sloane Ranger – have a quick look at this video (it’s so spot on it’s basically a documentary).

fresh from the salon…

12 Mar

Back in Australia, we used to get our nails done all the time because it was a bargain and made you feel super glam.

Skip to London where I’ve never seen a manicure priced on the fun side of £30…until I discovered Posh Nails near the corner of Portobello and Golborne Roads. Heaving with teens getting their gels done and trophy wives getting the palest of pinks, Posh Nails charge twelve pounds.

I went with Essie’s Sugar Daddy because hot pink nails are the best.