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underground oddness

13 Apr

As readers of the His and Hers might have noticed, our preferred method of travel around this glorious city is by two wheels vs. the cramped sweat box underground.

A good friend of ours who has to rely on the pinnacle of Victorian engineering to travel tries to temper the joy of the experience by snapping and sharing the great variety of oddness you get to see and experience on a daily basis through his “observations of the underground”.

Here are just a couple of our favourite photos from his collection..

Two forms of Victorian transport meet again… but in the 21st Century

All dressed up, but nowhere to go…

Photo Credit: WFS

But as is usual with these sort of things.. No matter how odd or strange us Brits are on our public transport, across the pond our US friends are sure to be bigger, better… and certainly madder!

Look what was spotted on the New York Subway..

The Underground. A great place to dice your onions.

his and hers PICTURE OF THE WEEK!

22 Mar

Of all the ridiculous abbreviations that have entered the planet’s lexicon since the birth of text messaging and msn messenger… LOLZ is my hands down favourite.

It  has really come into its own for me when forming sentences…

 “yeah, that episode was so lolz”

 “we were really lolzing over that the other day”

 “seriously – read it – it’s megalolz”.

 So it was with great delight that I stumbled upon a shop in Shoreditch yesterday that was so clearly on my wavelength.


omg it sure did make me lmfao.