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we’ll probably get hung for treason..

1 Jun

But we had to share this given the impending Jubilee weekend..

Have fun one and all.

the robert glasper experiment

15 May

There are a lot of birthdays for us this week and to celebrate, Ollie surprised the May Babies by taking a few of us to the Barbican to see the Robert Glasper Experiment.

And they were absolutely, ridiculously brilliant.

Their album debuted at number one on the jazz charts and number three on the hip hop r&b charts (just below Rihanna – even they queried whether it was ‘the greatest typo ever’).

Given they sold out the Barbican, they will be playing another last minute show tonight (venue TBC so check Robert’s twitter) and Lalah Hathaway will be playing at the Jazz Cafe on Thursday and Friday this week.

Update: the secret show will be at Village Underground tonight. Tickets at the door from about 8.30. See you there!

who ya gonna vote for, london?

3 May

Today is Mayoral Election Day!

We have until 10pm to vote, so let’s introduce the candidates.

Ken Livingstone (Labour)

Who is he? The Mayor before Boris. Likens himself to Churchill and Boris to Hitler. Guarantees to cut fares.

Why you should vote for him: Because he was the one who actually invented Boris Bikes. Poor little lad.

Boris Johnson (Conservative)

Who is he? Old Etonian. Snowcapped buffoon. Will probably end up being Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Why you should vote for him: LOLZ value. See video below:

The Rest

Carlos Cortiglia (BNP)

Siobhan Benita (Independent)

Brian Paddick (Lib Dems)

Jenny Jones (Green Party)

And there you have it. You won’t get political analysis like this anywhere else.


a right royal c**k up

26 Apr

Don’t think we need to say a lot about this, and well to be frank we’re pretty much lost for words.. the best tourist tat find ever?


Not only is fantastic for the obvious mistake that makes it “So Special”, but turn it around and the commemorative message raises the “Lolz” level that little bit higher.


So I imagine you’re wondering who produced such a delightful cup to acknowledge the anniversary?

Well that would be Ye Olde English Drinware, Guangdong Province, PRC

Head to one of those tourist tat shops in Bayswater / Queensway to reserve your very special edition today (cash only, no bartering).


looking and booking

9 Apr

Great thing about long weekends and long train journeys to and from the provinces, is getting a bit of time to scour listings and organise the diary of what we want to do and see over the next few months.

Recommended by our culture vulture insider, we were told to put Big & Small, a play opening this week at (our favourite) The Barbican, top of the list in the booking department.

With Cate Blanchett in the lead role, and winning all sorts of awards and plaudits amongst Australian cultural critics (ahem) when it was staged in Sydney last year, this production seems to have fallen well under the radar for most people (including us) over here..

We booked over the weekend and there seemed to be heaps of availability across the production’s run. Based upon our insider’s previous recommendations, I doubt you, or we, will be disappointed with this trip to the theatre.

Big and Small: 13th –  29th of April

let’s make like k middy and head to richard ward

31 Mar

Kate “The Duchess of Cambridge” Middleton is quite a polarising figure but the one thing people will cross party lines over is that she has undeniably good hair. And you would have to be pretty out of the loop (or at least not checking into

the Daily Mail’s Sidebar of Shame over your morning coffee), not to know that the Middleton tresses are due to the wizards at Richard Ward.

Keen to have a piece of the Princess Pie, I cycled down to the Kings Road to spend the morning at Richard Ward, where I basically asked them to cut my hair like Kate’s.

I was shown into a ‘waiting bar’ (no, this definitely isn’t CoolCuts) where I treated myself to a latte, and read about Kate Middleton’s  exciting week.

By the way, this ‘latte’ set me back six pounds. Do NOT order a coffee if you come here.

I was then collected by my hair stylist, a man who essentially looked like an Italian count who’d just stepped off a yacht (cravate, deep tan, chinos…you get the drift). I told him how I wanted my hair done. And for the first time in a lifetime of trips to the salon, he did exactly that. My hair looks amazing. I’ve fallen completely in love with my reflection (well, the hairstyle part).

Keen to show off my new lid, I had a quick mosey around the nearby Partridges Farmers’ Market. This is on every Saturday and is jam packed with treats from all over England.

I don’t get down to the Kings Road very often but I always love it when I’m here. Every man is wearing coloured trousers, the kids are dressed in matching Bonpoint (it’s rare to see a boy under 12 who is not wearing a blazer) and the overheard conversations are hysterical. If you’re unfamiliar with the local species – the Sloane Ranger – have a quick look at this video (it’s so spot on it’s basically a documentary).

see your heroes

30 Mar

Its always with slight trepidation that I book tickets to go see a genuine music megastar rolling out their back catalogue.

Because I have such affection for their songs, and the memories that the music creates for me, the question always plays heavily on my mind that if it’s a below par experience, will that concert taint my experience of the music in the future? (I really should probably stop over analyzing these things i know… but as a nerdy muso, its this sort of thing that matters to me..).

So we were incredibly lucky last night to get tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney at the Royal Albert Hall playing for the brilliant Teenage Cancer Trust charity. Like the majority of us I was brought up listening to The Beatles (with a healthy dose of Paul Simon on the side), so to see Sir Paul play was always going to be special.

Add the atmosphere of the Albert Hall into the mix, and it suddenly gets… well at times speechless. Especially when Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood and Roger Daltrey joined Sir Paul on stage for a number or two.

So the question is what’s next? Do I dare ruin the memories of school holiday car journeys of my youth by booking tickets to this singalong? I think I might. See you there.