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who ya gonna vote for, london?

3 May

Today is Mayoral Election Day!

We have until 10pm to vote, so let’s introduce the candidates.

Ken Livingstone (Labour)

Who is he? The Mayor before Boris. Likens himself to Churchill and Boris to Hitler. Guarantees to cut fares.

Why you should vote for him: Because he was the one who actually invented Boris Bikes. Poor little lad.

Boris Johnson (Conservative)

Who is he? Old Etonian. Snowcapped buffoon. Will probably end up being Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Why you should vote for him: LOLZ value. See video below:

The Rest

Carlos Cortiglia (BNP)

Siobhan Benita (Independent)

Brian Paddick (Lib Dems)

Jenny Jones (Green Party)

And there you have it. You won’t get political analysis like this anywhere else.