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new york

25 Jun

i was in new york for a couple of days last week. i do love this city, and i managed to squeeze in a lot of things that have been on my to-do list for awhile.

a bike ride around central park. as i was getting the hang of it, i’ll admit i was in the pedestrian-only area. i got yelled at by three different guys for doing so – all of them short, ‘stocky’ and wearing adventure-wear. interesting.

a wander along the highline, a beautiful little park they have made out of an abandoned elevated railway. it starts in the meatpacking and finishes on 30th.

a drink at the bar at the top of the standard. this is the greatest bar i’ve ever been to (it is also the bar from ‘shame’). it does have some mighty strange toilets that must be seen to be believed. there was a big band playing all night and they served amazing cocktails (with names like ‘bang bang’ and ‘the golden shower’, we are quite nervous about submitting our bill to expenses). my new york colleague groaned that it was ‘full of goddam out-of-towners’, but as an out-of-towner myself, i had a blast.

shopping wise, i discovered ‘madewell‘ and may or may not have stumbled upon my dream handbag in bloomies.

i love ny

take me back to greece please

23 Jun

we spent the jubilee week gallivanting across the greek islands. were we sad not to be waving our flags in the rain? um, no.

super clear santorini water.


a jetty in milos.

our lunch. everyday.


interesting things about greece:

1. despite being in a spot of economic strife, nobody was shy about charging 4 euros for a filter coffee. greece was NOT a cheap holiday.

2. every single cab driver i asked wanted to stay in the euro. they regretted signing up in the first place, but knew life would get much worse for them if they left. a 25,000 euro mortgage would double in size were they to go back to the drachma.

3. greek people are actually still called adonis, pereus, achilles, athena. i felt like i was back in year 10 drama every time i spoke to peracles, the amazing host at our hotel in santorini.

so long suckers

1 Jun

A four day bank holiday weekend and the impending jubilee madness means everyone we know is skipping town. Including us. Ollie is CYCLING TO SPAIN (not a typo) and George and I are going to the Greek Islands (Do we buy Euros or Drachmas? Semi serious question!).

So, sadly for our three millions of readers, there won’t be any posts for a couple of weeks.

So let us leave you with this lovely full sized cardboard cut out of Her Majesty The Queen that our (until now, seemingly normal) neighbors have erected in their front yard.


God bless.