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give three piece a chance pt.1

26 Apr

With the other half of the His and Hers working in the vicinity of Saville Row, and this half’s predilection for forgetting house keys/mobiles/wallets, it’s of a fairly high frequency that I find myself wandering along one of the most refined streets in London town to collect my brain possessions.

Seeing the master tailors at work and the sharp, sophisticated suits displayed in the windows of these purveyors of fine fabrics is enough to make me want to purge my wardrobe of any denim and take to tailored trousers forevermore.

Much to the delight of the hoardes of hormonal teenagers visiting from mainland Europe but to the chagrin of everyone else, on the corner of Saville Row and Burlington Gardens is A&F. If you’re not aware (count yourself lucky) they are a retailer of heavily branded garments which are churned out cut in a somewhat more relaxed fit.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it is now planning to expand and encroach on to Saville Row itself, setting up a “baby” version of their store on the old site of Apple Records (a crime akin to treason itself in some circles). Rumours abound that their next expansion plan is to replace the Queen’s Foot Guards with the washboard stomach wankersarriors that flex to attention at the doors of their stores at present.

However, us Brits aren’t going to take this seizure of our streets lying down. No! we’re going to put on our best tweeds, twiddle our ‘taches and take to the streets (with a healthy supply of rough shag for the pipe and whisky in the flask of course).

Photo: Matt Dunham / AP

Brilliantly the chaps at er.. The Chap magazine organised this fantastic protest in an attempt to stem the tide of “sweat” shirts from Saville Row, and preserve its history and expertise in tailoring… By proxy I think they also raised awareness about the dangers of what leaving the confines of the home or gym wearing ill fitting sports wear can do to ones reputation.

Also situated on Saville Row a His and Hers hidden gem.. but more on that tomorrow, as I’ve now got to rush off and starch my collars.


we hope you’re wearing your easter hat

5 Apr

Ollie will be tramping the moors in Devon and I will be in Helsinki Sauna Heaven this Easter…so let us sign off with a Happy Easter and a tribute to Easter Hat Parades of yore…

(Thank you: internationalschool.sc)

(Thank you: dipity.com)

(Thank you: Flickr. We actually found this picture when we read this article about growing up in Australia in the 80s. If you too are an 80s Aussie kid, read it – it will take you back. God bless birthday parties at McDonald’s!!)

dvf sample sale

29 Mar

As fabulous German princesses go, Diane Von Furstenberg is our absolute fave. Especially because this week she is having a sample sale.

A friend came over last night groaning under the weight of her purchases. We were jel. You would have been too. Get yourself down to Bruton Street.

let’s put those clocks back and have a perfect london weekend

25 Mar

Of a Saturday, Portobello Road is generally heaving with tourists toting their SLRs and asking for directions to a travel bookshop and blue door which featured in a certain 1997 romantic comedy. Head a little further north to Golborne Road (which we’ll talk about properly soon) and the tone changes for the better. (That is the famous Goldfinger building in the background).


We started with breakfast at Lowry & Baker – one of our favourite local cafes.


We then wandered down Golborne Road for some Moroccan tea, sharing a bench with some old geezers with opinions on everything and who had clearly set up camp for the entire day…


The sunshine was too good to waste so we moved on to an impromptu picnic in a secret garden…where we unwittingly wiled away a good six hours.


As the sun faded I moseyed into Central London to meet a friend for a quick retail recce, and was delighted to discover that Monki has opened a stand alone shop in Carnaby Street. As well as being a ridiculously fun shop, like many of the Swedish brands, Monki make great basics at a verrry nice price.Image

Onward to Spuntino (which we recommended here). This is a great hidden gem – there is no sign out the front, the door is firmly closed and all you can see from the street is a streak of soft light. Nervous of its infamous queues, it was uncharacteristically quiet and we were whisked straight to a seat. We ate like queens, got given some free chips(!) and pretended we were in the West Village.


A lazy Sunday was spent flying our absolutely rubbish kite in Holland Park…


…running into a couple of oddballs trying to blend into the foliage…


…and staging a pretty fierce colouring competition with the six year olds at the next table at Byron (we lost)…


…and home in time to watch Julian Fellowes’ Titanic. I wonder what’s going to happen in the end?!

a man of questionable loyalty

12 Mar

After reading a great piece about classic football kits from one of my favourite clothes stores  Oi Polloi, I was compelled to buy myself.. wait for it… a replica France Away kit.

In my opinion the Breton inspired kit used last year during qualifying for this summers Euros, is a standout. As someone who doesn’t generally wear football strips all that often, its simple styling makes it a tee for more than just the 5-A-side pitch.

I don’t often get lambasted by my peers for the clothes that I wear, but the grief I’ve had from my buddies for buying this tee would make you think I’d denounced the Queen, swapped chips for frites and voted Sarkozy.

Unfortunately they’ve already changed it for this rather dull strip, which in my opinion is a loss for the away games in the Euros.

she said she was wearing marni. but it was marni for h&m.

11 Mar

I have traditionally been skeptical of “designer for high street” collaborations. In Australia a few years ago there was a much vaunted “Stella McCartney for Target” release which saw women from Warnambool to Woolloomooloo abandoning inhibitions/knocking over clothing racks to get to this ill-fitting tat, much to the bewilderment of those watching the 6pm news. For months later you’d see girls sweating it out in the slightly shiny trademark swallow print, I hope taking care to avoid open flame. Hardly the height of megachic.

As P’Trique bitched here at 0.36 in Sh*t Fashion Girls Say … “She said she was wearing Jason Wu. But it was Jason Wu for Target

But my Marni experience was a far cry from Versace for H&M’s palm tree leggings. Consuelo Castiglioni of Marni said she wanted to revisit all of the brand’s signature fabrics and prints, and it shows. The clothes are beautiful and I’m convinced H&M were selling them at a loss. I have seriously chicified my wardrobe.

AND I won a competition to jump the queue and shop the collection before the doors opened. I didn’t appreciate the magnitude of this prize until I had a call from my friend Val, who was at the wrong end of this at 630am.

By the way, shopping in H&M by yourself, with all the shop assistants attending to your every whim, is an experience every girl should have once in their life. I felt like Suri Cruise.

some of my favourite bits of loot: