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let’s make like k middy and head to richard ward

31 Mar

Kate “The Duchess of Cambridge” Middleton is quite a polarising figure but the one thing people will cross party lines over is that she has undeniably good hair. And you would have to be pretty out of the loop (or at least not checking into

the Daily Mail’s Sidebar of Shame over your morning coffee), not to know that the Middleton tresses are due to the wizards at Richard Ward.

Keen to have a piece of the Princess Pie, I cycled down to the Kings Road to spend the morning at Richard Ward, where I basically asked them to cut my hair like Kate’s.

I was shown into a ‘waiting bar’ (no, this definitely isn’t CoolCuts) where I treated myself to a latte, and read about Kate Middleton’s  exciting week.

By the way, this ‘latte’ set me back six pounds. Do NOT order a coffee if you come here.

I was then collected by my hair stylist, a man who essentially looked like an Italian count who’d just stepped off a yacht (cravate, deep tan, chinos…you get the drift). I told him how I wanted my hair done. And for the first time in a lifetime of trips to the salon, he did exactly that. My hair looks amazing. I’ve fallen completely in love with my reflection (well, the hairstyle part).

Keen to show off my new lid, I had a quick mosey around the nearby Partridges Farmers’ Market. This is on every Saturday and is jam packed with treats from all over England.

I don’t get down to the Kings Road very often but I always love it when I’m here. Every man is wearing coloured trousers, the kids are dressed in matching Bonpoint (it’s rare to see a boy under 12 who is not wearing a blazer) and the overheard conversations are hysterical. If you’re unfamiliar with the local species – the Sloane Ranger – have a quick look at this video (it’s so spot on it’s basically a documentary).

a trip to the garden centre..

30 Mar

Not your typical garden centre, Petersham Nurseries in Richmond has been on our must visit lists for quite sometime. With a soft spot for gardening, and a quite obvious weakness for great food, its a dream location for this half of the His and Hers.

With the planets aligning perfectly bringing together a day off work, great weather and a table for four being available at short notice, someone was obviously smiling on us.

There’s not a great need for me to do much writing in this post, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

With the restaurant famous for its fresh, seasonal produce, to begin we made sure we chose the young veg with houmous – one of the subtle fusions of what has made Petersham famous and the influence of new head chef Greg Malouf, who is renown for his middle eastern food.

Fresh mixed leaf salad with Violas

Grilled poussin with persian spices – I need to learn how to make Bhatura (the bread) it was delicious.

The Almond Pannacotta with Rose Syrup & Yorkshire Rhubarb made my dining companion very happy..

From my rather extensive documentation of our meal, you probably don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that I was a very happy diner.

With its greenhouse setting, being surrounded by all the new spring plants, flowers and greenery (and especially on such a nice day), its hard not to be bowled over by Petersham.


If you haven’t seen enough photos of our trip to Petersham, there’s more here on our Flickr

see your heroes

30 Mar

Its always with slight trepidation that I book tickets to go see a genuine music megastar rolling out their back catalogue.

Because I have such affection for their songs, and the memories that the music creates for me, the question always plays heavily on my mind that if it’s a below par experience, will that concert taint my experience of the music in the future? (I really should probably stop over analyzing these things i know… but as a nerdy muso, its this sort of thing that matters to me..).

So we were incredibly lucky last night to get tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney at the Royal Albert Hall playing for the brilliant Teenage Cancer Trust charity. Like the majority of us I was brought up listening to The Beatles (with a healthy dose of Paul Simon on the side), so to see Sir Paul play was always going to be special.

Add the atmosphere of the Albert Hall into the mix, and it suddenly gets… well at times speechless. Especially when Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood and Roger Daltrey joined Sir Paul on stage for a number or two.

So the question is what’s next? Do I dare ruin the memories of school holiday car journeys of my youth by booking tickets to this singalong? I think I might. See you there.

abu zaad

29 Mar

Ollie’s mum arrived in town tonight but alas Ollie had a prior engagement with Paul McCartney at the Royal Albert Hall (I’m sure we will hear more about this).

The only way George and I could rival a night with that weirdly youthful Beatle was to take Ollie’s mum to Abu Zaad – one of our favourite neighborhood restaurants (which we recommended here). This is one of only a clutch of Syrian restaurants in London and we are very lucky to have it as one of our locals.

As has become something of a routine, we went crazy on the starters (three for six pounds), realised we’d completely over ordered when the colossal mains arrived, and nearly keeled over when our waiter offered us piles of baklava as a parting gift.

“You don’t get this in North Devon!”


dvf sample sale

29 Mar

As fabulous German princesses go, Diane Von Furstenberg is our absolute fave. Especially because this week she is having a sample sale.

A friend came over last night groaning under the weight of her purchases. We were jel. You would have been too. Get yourself down to Bruton Street.

spring has…sprung?

28 Mar

here at his and hers london we are embracing the clichés because we are just so excited about this weather.

…and this cherry blossom epidemic can only mean one thing…


 To celebrate, we have updated our little blog. Thanks for reading.

sunny pub, shady pub.

28 Mar

Drinkers in London are a fickle bunch.

Take The Salisbury and the Angel & Crown on St Martins Lane in central London. Both on the same street, located exactly opposite each other.

In winter when its cold and wet The Salisbury does a roaring trade, and you can’t move.Whereas just over the road the pretty average Angel & crown sits devoid of drinkers.

But as soon as that first spring sunshine appears, like Swallows from the south, drinkers land on the pavement of the Angel & Crown in their droves (however please take note that they’re still not going inside), leaving The Salisbury empty and lonely.

This was the situation at lunchtime today, I don’t think I need to tell you which pub is which or that the weather was great today.


I guess its only fair that both pubs get their fair share of the spoils, so remember should you ever be in St Martins Lane looking for a drink, if its sunny stick to the left and if its cold stick to the right (or alternatively carry on 1 minute down the road to The Harp – voted best pub in the UK 2011 by CAMRA – which is great whatever the weather).