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beach volleyball – london 2012

22 Aug
 I’m pretty sure everyone is getting a bit sick of the Olympics (and Kate Middleton’s navy blazer and cork wedges – mix it up a bit woman!), but I do think my recent trip to beach volleyball is worth a mention. I was sceptical. As I waited for Ollie outside the entrance, a stream of lairey guys surged past. Maybe 1 in 10 spectators were of the fairer sex. I thought I was in for two hours of being jostled by drunkards straining to get a closer look at bikini-clad asses. 
But I was nervous for no reason – this is not like any Olympic event I’ve been too before. This is a party! There is a DJ, a compere, fans are dressed up like Where’s Wally. We are whipped into a frenzy by the compere every time a point is scored, and we even have to cheer for the people who rake the sand. “Let’s hear it for the RAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRS!!!!”

  There were Dancing Girls between sets.

  David Cameron has been complaining that if he hears ‘We Will Rock You’ one more time he will go insane. I thought he was just being a whinging pom, but you can literally see the sitting room of 10 Downing Street from the stands (on the left of this photo). I could see when he turned the light off, then on, then off again. Poor baby Florence. 

 None of the matches I saw had Team GB playing, so I was interested to see which team the audience would offer their allegiance to. A silly question. Brazil walked out in full body suits, Germany walked out in bikinis. Two seconds later?  “Let’s hear it for GEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRMAAAAANYYYYYY!!”





london 2012 part 1 : ‘transport’ for london

10 Jul

Things that are already annoying us about London 2012.

That the inevitable commuting chaos which is set to ensue is being addressed in the following ways:

  • a poster campaign in the tube suggesting we all find ‘alternative ways to get to work’. this is on a backdrop of a woman pole-vaulting across london. hmm, practical.
  • boris johnson is now being tannoyed over the loudspeaker system at all stations at all times. which makes pre-olympics commuting almost as painful as olympics commuting.

And most importantly, no matter how strategically I have been laying the groundwork, the likelihood of me pulling off the old ‘working from home’ lark is looking slim. A ten minute cycle door to door just won’t cut the mustard!

new york

25 Jun

i was in new york for a couple of days last week. i do love this city, and i managed to squeeze in a lot of things that have been on my to-do list for awhile.

a bike ride around central park. as i was getting the hang of it, i’ll admit i was in the pedestrian-only area. i got yelled at by three different guys for doing so – all of them short, ‘stocky’ and wearing adventure-wear. interesting.

a wander along the highline, a beautiful little park they have made out of an abandoned elevated railway. it starts in the meatpacking and finishes on 30th.

a drink at the bar at the top of the standard. this is the greatest bar i’ve ever been to (it is also the bar from ‘shame’). it does have some mighty strange toilets that must be seen to be believed. there was a big band playing all night and they served amazing cocktails (with names like ‘bang bang’ and ‘the golden shower’, we are quite nervous about submitting our bill to expenses). my new york colleague groaned that it was ‘full of goddam out-of-towners’, but as an out-of-towner myself, i had a blast.

shopping wise, i discovered ‘madewell‘ and may or may not have stumbled upon my dream handbag in bloomies.

i love ny

take me back to greece please

23 Jun

we spent the jubilee week gallivanting across the greek islands. were we sad not to be waving our flags in the rain? um, no.

super clear santorini water.


a jetty in milos.

our lunch. everyday.


interesting things about greece:

1. despite being in a spot of economic strife, nobody was shy about charging 4 euros for a filter coffee. greece was NOT a cheap holiday.

2. every single cab driver i asked wanted to stay in the euro. they regretted signing up in the first place, but knew life would get much worse for them if they left. a 25,000 euro mortgage would double in size were they to go back to the drachma.

3. greek people are actually still called adonis, pereus, achilles, athena. i felt like i was back in year 10 drama every time i spoke to peracles, the amazing host at our hotel in santorini.

so long suckers

1 Jun

A four day bank holiday weekend and the impending jubilee madness means everyone we know is skipping town. Including us. Ollie is CYCLING TO SPAIN (not a typo) and George and I are going to the Greek Islands (Do we buy Euros or Drachmas? Semi serious question!).

So, sadly for our three millions of readers, there won’t be any posts for a couple of weeks.

So let us leave you with this lovely full sized cardboard cut out of Her Majesty The Queen that our (until now, seemingly normal) neighbors have erected in their front yard.


God bless.

broke or in a bunker? here’s dinner

29 May

It’s an apocalypse.

The riots have started up again and you can’t leave the house (happened to us!).

It’s the end of the month. You haven’t been paid yet and you have a fiver to last until Friday.

If any of the above apply, I have a recipe for you.

This is a very quick, cheap, foolproof and delicious way to make lentils.



Put a cup of lentils, the contents of those cans (including the juice) and some spinach (frozen or fresh) into a pan. Add herbs and spices if you like.

Cook for about half an hour.

Et Voila!

This is more than enough for four people, and is fine to tupperware up and have the next day.


a diamond jubilee

21 May

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is coming up and London is looking pretty darn excited (i’m sure this has nothing to do with the double bank holiday we citizens have been bestowed – thank you Your Majesty!).

Harrods Windows

Harvey Nicks – Fifth Floor Food Hall

Regent Street

A Jubilee Lunch Box from Harvey Nicks

This lunch box is just one example of the many items of ‘Jubilee Tat’ for sale in London at the moment. We will post an edited selection of the highlights soon. But in the meantime, remember this?