to read or not to read…

15 May

Reviews. Good, bad or indifferent? Dangerous territory I know, given the main premise of this blog is reviewing stuff to do London…

I will however quickly caveat this statement by saying that the majority of the stuff we cover on here is about loving, not hating.. so if we write about it, presume we recommend it.. no point wasting time by adding to the excessive levels of bitterness already present in cyberspace…

Why then you might ask are the His and Hers coming over all ponderous? Well tomorrow we’re off to see the production of Babel at Caledonian park…


Looks pretty epic right? When we saw it and the production team involved – the people behind the epic passion play staged with Martin Sheen in Port Talbot last year, as well as the BAC, Young Vic etc – we booked some tickets straight away (this was about a month ago).

Now here’s the dilemma. Since it opened it has had some of the harshest reviews I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not just talking about the usual suspects being caustic in order to maintain a persona, it’s across the board The Guardian, Torygraph, What’s on stage and even the usually positive blogosphere.

Being somewhat opinionated, I like to make my own mind up about this sort of thing, but my question is this.. Will I still be able to go tomorrow with a truly open mind, not prejudging my experience at all after reading this raft of negativity?

Will I dare to disagree with Deborah “First time commenter” and her uber cultured 13 year olds?!

Only time will tell.. If you see a review on the His and Hers on Thursday then ‘yay’ for Babel.. If not, well you’ll probably be able to guess what we thought…


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