architecture in helsinki

10 Apr

Helsinki was a pretty fun and random place to spend the long weekend (our decision was slightly swayed by the fact that it was the only place we could fly to using our air miles over Easter).

Some observations:

1. There are three very distinct fashion tribes in Helsinki:

                  The “I have raided the costume cupboard of The Killing” Tribe;

                  The “I only shop at Cheap Monday” Tribe;

                 The “I am on my way to a Rammstein concert” Tribe.

There is no real deviation from any of these three.

2. Spending a freezing, snowing day on the Island of Suomenlinna is a lot more fun if you give each other Scandi names and pretend to be Finnish: “Hedvig! Vi cannot miss zi ferrrry!”

3. Everyone in Finland has a Nokia. Do not use your iPhone in public.

4. Everything in Helsinki is ridiculously expensive (8 euro beer anyone?), including the museums. This beautiful foyer is as far as we could afford to venture into Kiasma, the modern art museum.

By the way, this post has nothing to with the super cute Australian band of the same name. Are they still tambourining their way around Melbourne’s premier live music venues?


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