the perfect devon scone

2 Apr

Knowing Ollie’s mum was coming up for the weekend, and remembering the scones she baked on our recent trip to Devon very fondly, I phoned her to ask if she would mind bringing up the recipe.

She went one better – bringing with her some fresh Devon clotted cream and an offer to spend Sunday morning teaching me to make Devonian scones.


200 g self raising flour

60g butter

250ml milk

A pinch of brown sugar

We had some honey and ginger (fresh from the Caribbean!), so we decided to add this in as well. If you want to go crazy, you could add 60g of dried fruit for fruit scones, or 60g of cheese and some cayenne pepper for savoury scones.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Start by mixing the flour and the butter (we cheated and used the Magimix), followed by a tablespoon of honey.

Transfer everything into a mixing bowl and slowly add the milk.

Knead everything together and use a knife to divide it into sections (only cut to about halfway). Brush with a small amount of milk (we just used our finger – Jamie Oliver style), and drop a pinch of brown sugar on each section.

Put the scones in the hot oven for twenty minutes….et voilà!

These were inhaled before they even had a chance to cool down. The perils of living with two boys!


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