see your heroes

30 Mar

Its always with slight trepidation that I book tickets to go see a genuine music megastar rolling out their back catalogue.

Because I have such affection for their songs, and the memories that the music creates for me, the question always plays heavily on my mind that if it’s a below par experience, will that concert taint my experience of the music in the future? (I really should probably stop over analyzing these things i know… but as a nerdy muso, its this sort of thing that matters to me..).

So we were incredibly lucky last night to get tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney at the Royal Albert Hall playing for the brilliant Teenage Cancer Trust charity. Like the majority of us I was brought up listening to The Beatles (with a healthy dose of Paul Simon on the side), so to see Sir Paul play was always going to be special.

Add the atmosphere of the Albert Hall into the mix, and it suddenly gets… well at times speechless. Especially when Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood and Roger Daltrey joined Sir Paul on stage for a number or two.

So the question is what’s next? Do I dare ruin the memories of school holiday car journeys of my youth by booking tickets to this singalong? I think I might. See you there.

One Response to “see your heroes”

  1. Jane March 30, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    You should definitely book tickets!

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