a trip to the garden centre..

30 Mar

Not your typical garden centre, Petersham Nurseries in Richmond has been on our must visit lists for quite sometime. With a soft spot for gardening, and a quite obvious weakness for great food, its a dream location for this half of the His and Hers.

With the planets aligning perfectly bringing together a day off work, great weather and a table for four being available at short notice, someone was obviously smiling on us.

There’s not a great need for me to do much writing in this post, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

With the restaurant famous for its fresh, seasonal produce, to begin we made sure we chose the young veg with houmous – one of the subtle fusions of what has made Petersham famous and the influence of new head chef Greg Malouf, who is renown for his middle eastern food.

Fresh mixed leaf salad with Violas

Grilled poussin with persian spices – I need to learn how to make Bhatura (the bread) it was delicious.

The Almond Pannacotta with Rose Syrup & Yorkshire Rhubarb made my dining companion very happy..

From my rather extensive documentation of our meal, you probably don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that I was a very happy diner.

With its greenhouse setting, being surrounded by all the new spring plants, flowers and greenery (and especially on such a nice day), its hard not to be bowled over by Petersham.


If you haven’t seen enough photos of our trip to Petersham, there’s more here on our Flickr

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