sunny pub, shady pub.

28 Mar

Drinkers in London are a fickle bunch.

Take The Salisbury and the Angel & Crown on St Martins Lane in central London. Both on the same street, located exactly opposite each other.

In winter when its cold and wet The Salisbury does a roaring trade, and you can’t move.Whereas just over the road the pretty average Angel & crown sits devoid of drinkers.

But as soon as that first spring sunshine appears, like Swallows from the south, drinkers land on the pavement of the Angel & Crown in their droves (however please take note that they’re still not going inside), leaving The Salisbury empty and lonely.

This was the situation at lunchtime today, I don’t think I need to tell you which pub is which or that the weather was great today.


I guess its only fair that both pubs get their fair share of the spoils, so remember should you ever be in St Martins Lane looking for a drink, if its sunny stick to the left and if its cold stick to the right (or alternatively carry on 1 minute down the road to The Harp – voted best pub in the UK 2011 by CAMRA – which is great whatever the weather).


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