i be man, feed me steak.

21 Mar

I’m not going to lie; when it comes to ordering food in restaurants I have a formula. It’s pretty simple, don’t order food that you could or would cook yourself. Eating out should be special, so don’t leave yourself thinking “I probably could have done that better”.

So generally speaking I’ll never order pasta, and my nemesis the soufflé is top of the list.

As someone who doesn’t eat red meat on a regular basis, when the possibility of a steak is on the cards, a reservation at Hawksmoor is a prerequisite (as well as a diary that says “busy” for the afternoon).

For those not well acquainted, what Lourdes is for Catholics, Hawksmoor is for fans of red meat. Plenty of column inches have been written eulogizing the virtues of the chain (that’s a nasty word for a group of restaurants so good), so I’m not going to try and add to whats already been said, so instead here’s my quick low down on making the most of a visit.

1. For me it’s all about Hawksmoor Seven Dials. The style of the interior (bare brick, gentle lighting and columns punctuating the dining floor), add to the atmosphere of its underground setting. You can lose hours and it seems to instill a very laid back vibe in everyone that visits.

(Photo: theHawksmoor.com)

Hawksmoor Spitalfields on the other hand naturally has a more city feel to it, a lot of suits ordering a lot of red wine, and as the main dining room is above ground, there’s unfortunately a greater reminder that at some point you might need to return to work.

2. If you take just one piece of this advice just make sure you order a “Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew”. Aptly described as “the turbo-shandy for the discerning drinker”, its mix of ginger beer, shandy and gin is the best sort of pre steak warm up possible.

3. Try a Sunday lunch. Not a lot more to add except you won’t regret it.

4. Enjoy the theatre of your meal. Get the low down on the steaks on the board. There aren’t too many places you’ll visit where you’ll feel as though you know your meals family ancestry, and having someone speak for 10 minutes so passionately about four different types of steak is pretty impressive.

5. And finally if you should go to the Seven Dials branch, regardless of which way you’re headed after, just never EVER turn right out of the restaurant and walk up Langley Street. Seeing ridiculously energetic, athletic dancers prancing around Pineapple Dance Studios isn’t a good digestive aid.

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