all new people

21 Mar

There are countless theatres in London which means theatre goers are spoilt for choice. Ergo, my decision generally has to be dictated by the following factors:

  1. Is there someone famous in it? (Yes, I know I’m a dweeb but seeing someone famous is exciting for a girl from Oz)
  2. Do I like the play/playwright? If it’s Noel Coward, Arthur Miller, Oscar Wilde etc, I’ll generally try and see it. Also, the Arcola in Dalston often put on really great new plays.
  3. Has there been a lot of buzz?
  4. Has it been advertised at Holland Park tube station? They never change the posters at my station which means I spend months on end staring at the same ad. The subliminal messaging eventually breaks me and finally I just cave and book. ”Fine. I’m going to see it now. Are you happy now you stupid poster?” This is how I have come to enjoy such delights as “Elvis Presley – Back from the Dead”. I’m kidding about that one.

So. Factors 1, 2 and 4 led me to book tickets to All New People at the Duke of York Theatre last night. It has just finished a season in New York, where Zach Braff did not star. Did they think it needed Zach Braff’s star power for the London run? I certainly can’t imagine so. It was a true ensemble cast – each of the four actors were brilliant and the script was pacey. The jokes came thick and fast and the gentleman behind me was laughing so hard at one point that he started snorting. A lot.

The play opens to Zach Braff’s character, Charlie, attempting to hang himself at his ‘grandparents’ beach house’. At the crucial moment, he is interrupted by Emma, a real estate agent trying to rent the house for the summer. Emma, assuming the house would be empty, saves Zach’s life, much to his chagrin. We are soon joined by Emma’s friend and ‘Firefighting Chief”,  Myron, and Kim, a $15,000 a night hooker on whom George (my boyfriend) quickly developed a very unhealthy crush. “You should get a dress like that Jane” was not met with encouragement.

Go and see it. It’s only on until the end of April but I guarantee you’ll LOL.


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