she said she was wearing marni. but it was marni for h&m.

11 Mar

I have traditionally been skeptical of “designer for high street” collaborations. In Australia a few years ago there was a much vaunted “Stella McCartney for Target” release which saw women from Warnambool to Woolloomooloo abandoning inhibitions/knocking over clothing racks to get to this ill-fitting tat, much to the bewilderment of those watching the 6pm news. For months later you’d see girls sweating it out in the slightly shiny trademark swallow print, I hope taking care to avoid open flame. Hardly the height of megachic.

As P’Trique bitched here at 0.36 in Sh*t Fashion Girls Say … “She said she was wearing Jason Wu. But it was Jason Wu for Target

But my Marni experience was a far cry from Versace for H&M’s palm tree leggings. Consuelo Castiglioni of Marni said she wanted to revisit all of the brand’s signature fabrics and prints, and it shows. The clothes are beautiful and I’m convinced H&M were selling them at a loss. I have seriously chicified my wardrobe.

AND I won a competition to jump the queue and shop the collection before the doors opened. I didn’t appreciate the magnitude of this prize until I had a call from my friend Val, who was at the wrong end of this at 630am.

By the way, shopping in H&M by yourself, with all the shop assistants attending to your every whim, is an experience every girl should have once in their life. I felt like Suri Cruise.

some of my favourite bits of loot:


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